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Number Plate Makers on the Market

There are many Number Plate Makers on the market. These devices are convenient, easy to use, and come in many different styles. You can easily build a number plate for your car and have it ready in as little as a day. You can also choose the fonts and style of text on your plates. After choosing the number plate maker, you can even choose the color of the pen and adjust the thickness of the writing. Regardless of your preferences, you can find a number plate maker that works for you. great post to read

Most number plate makers offer free designs. You can even design your own plate for an additional fee. You can purchase a number plate with a customized design for a small fee. Once you have purchased the number plate, you can fix it on your car. If you have a custom plate, you can even have it printed on the vehicle to match the rest of your vehicle. This is a great way to make your car stand out.

Using a Number Plate Maker is an excellent way to express your unique personality. Whether you are planning a special event or just want to change your vehicle’s look, a number plate maker will provide you with the perfect option. By combining your creativity and your personal tastes, you can find a number plate maker that will meet your needs and budget. You can even find a company in your area that makes custom number plates.

You can also find number plate makers online or in your town. A number plate maker in your area can design your new number plates. Some of these companies offer the option to customize your number plates, while others only offer basic services. It is a good idea to get a quote before committing to a particular supplier, as the pricing can vary. You can save money on a Numberplate Maker by using the internet. There are many ways to design a number plate, and you can make it as unique as you want.

Using a number plate maker is a great way to express your personality. With an affordable price, a number plate maker can offer you a number of different options for your new numberplate. You can find numberplate makers in your town or on the internet. They will make a replacement for you if you’ve already lost yours. Often, they will even repair a damaged or broken one! You don’t need to go to a number plate manufacturer to have your plate repaired.

You can find a number plate maker near you. Unlike other companies, you can customize your numberplates with a number plate maker. These companies have access to all of the necessary tools and equipment for making a custom numberplate. A quality number plate maker can even make a customized plate for you. So, no matter how you use a name plate maker, it is an excellent option for personalizing your car. You can even have your own name in the plate, and it’s easier than ever to change the inscription later.

When a number plate maker is near you, the number plate maker will be able to make your replacement number plates quickly and easily. Not only will you have a unique set of plates, but you can even advertise them on the internet to make it more interesting. You can use the number plate maker to protect your car’s identity while it is in the process of being produced. You will also have the added benefit of a variety of options for fittings and materials, including the material of the number plate itself.

A number plate maker is an excellent way to personalize your vehicle. These plates are available for purchase online. Some companies also offer personalised number plate designs and can be installed onto your vehicle. If you’re not happy with the look of your current ones, you can also hire a number plate maker who can make your plates. However, there are several disadvantages to this approach. Some companies may charge extra for services, and the number plate maker’s hours aren’t always flexible enough to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

What You Need to Know About Solar Power

You may not have heard of solar power, but it is a great way to produce electricity. This energy is free, and you don’t need to buy fuel to generate it. If you have ample exposure to the sun, you can install a solar panel to generate electricity. But before you install a solar panel, you should know more about it. First of all, it’s important to understand the social and economic factors of solar power. This energy is relatively simple, and it has been around since the 1950’s. Prices have dropped substantially and now it’s affordable. socalsolarpower

One of the challenges of solar power is that it is not available everywhere. You need a certain amount of sunlight to generate electricity, and the sun’s rays are not the same in every area. For example, the long winters of Alaska make it hard for solar power to be an option. If you live in an area where sunlight is sparse, you must plan your solar energy system accordingly. Be sure to get enough batteries to back up your system.

There are many benefits of solar power. It can provide electricity and light for homes, businesses, and industries. During the cold winter, solar panels can even provide hot water for your home or business. This energy source can also be used to heat or cool commercial buildings, as well as to power large power stations. In fact, solar panels can be found everywhere from a small backyard solar panel to a large power station. It’s a renewable energy resource that can save you money in the long run.

The latest federal regulations for solar power will reduce subsidies for solar panel makers, increase mandatory competitive bidding for new projects, and create new opportunities for consumers and businesses. The Chinese have been a major player in the solar industry, but this could result in the loss of those players if support is decreased. The new legislation must also address the responsibility of household users for the first wave of waste that they generate from their panels. This is one of the major reasons that governments are investing heavily in solar energy.

A feed-in tariff is another factor in the economics of solar power. It is a great way to get money. In Germany, the government introduced the first large-scale feed-in tariff program, resulting in an explosion of PV installations. The cost of each kilowatt of electricity generated by the system is credited to the producer. However, in the US, the government is not requiring all of the systems to be certified. The costs of a solar power system are low for consumers and producers.

There are several benefits to using solar power for your home. Not only does it produce clean, renewable electricity, but it is also environmentally friendly. Because solar panels are free, the government also rewards the use of green electricity. Currently, the government offers tax credits of up to 30% of the cost of the system. These subsidies are an important part of the investment in solar power. And with the sun’s abundant energy, your energy bills will go down.

In the past, solar panel costs are too high for most people. They’re still too expensive to be a viable alternative. But with a few incentives and regulations, this technology can help you generate clean energy and save money. If you are looking to install solar panels in your home, here are some options: * You can have the money you need to pay off your loan. The system has no upfront costs. Depending on your location, you can pay off your mortgage in just one month.

Solar energy is an excellent option for electricity. You can produce electricity throughout the day. At night, you can use the power to supplement your electric needs. The energy you produce will not cost you a dime. If you want to be truly green, you can purchase a solar system. There are many benefits to utilizing solar energy. For starters, it will save you money. But solar panels are expensive. A few months of use will not pay for your entire home, but you’ll be saving a lot of money over time.

Besides producing electricity, solar power can also be an excellent source of light. It is also an excellent way to heat your home or business in the winter, and it will also heat your water in the summer. In some countries, solar panels can even provide hot water. In addition to providing light and electricity, solar power systems can also be used to supply power to large power stations. This makes it a great alternative to conventional power. There is a growing awareness of the benefits of this technology.

How to Install Solar Panels

Buying solar panels and installing them yourself can save you a lot of money. First, you need to prepare the space where you’ll install them. You’ll also need to construct a platform for the modules. The platform can be made of metal rails or any other suitable material. You’ll need to consider the dimensions of the panels and how much weight they will hold, since you’ll be using these to support the entire system. Afterward, you need to install conduits from the outdoor platform to the indoor receiver. SoCal Solar Power

Once the solar panels are installed, they must be mounted on the racking rails. The mounting holes must match the slots on the rails, so you’ll need to use Universal Fastening Object (UFO) clamps. Next, connect the battery, inverter, and charge controller. These components need to match the specifications of the solar panels. Regardless of the size and type of solar panels, you need to make sure that they’re properly connected to one another. Renewable Energy

In order to install solar panels, you need to know the exact size and orientation of your roof. The orientation of your solar modules will determine their efficiency and reduce the costs of electricity. You can choose between roof-ground or flush mounts. In either case, you must select the correct base structure for the PV panel orientation. When it comes to mounting your solar panels, you should choose the base structure that provides maximum support. A good base structure is able to support the panels and also avoid sagging.

Once you’ve determined the proper location for your solar panels, you’re ready to mount them on the racking rails. When you mount the panels, you must ensure that the mounting holes are lined up with the rails. Then, you must install Universal Fastening Object clamps, with the far end of the panel on the outside of the array. Then, use a T-bolt in the slot of the first panel and tighten it tightly.

Before you install solar panels, you should know how to wire them. The wiring is crucial for the safety and performance of your solar system. After you’ve selected the correct location, you should connect your solar panels to various electrical components. You may have to connect your battery, inverter, and charge controller. Once you’ve installed the panels, you must wire them properly to ensure they’re properly connected to the rest of the system.

The next step is to mount the solar panels on the racking rails. Once you’ve found the right location, you should position the panels correctly on the rails. Be sure the mounting holes of the panels are lined up with the rails. When mounting the solar panel, you must use Universal Fastening Object clamps and place the T-bolt into the slot of the rails. You should then torque the clamps to the exterior sides of the first panel.

Once you have gotten the solar panels, the next step is to attach the racking rails to the roof. It’s important to keep in mind that the racking rails should be level to ensure that the panels remain properly installed. Ensure that the panels are mounted in the correct location. Then, you’ll need to use Universal Fastening Object clamps to mount them on the racking rails. You’ll need to install at least two solar panels in order to get the full benefit.

In addition to the solar panels, the other components of the system should be connected to the electric grid. This will allow the panels to be powered. If you’re using the solar panels, you’ll also need to connect the inverter, battery, and charge controller. In addition to the solar panel, the other components are necessary for proper installation. If you’re going to use them for home appliances, you need to follow the electrical codes of your town.

Before you can begin installing the solar panels, you’ll need to be able to handle some basic tools. The most important tool is a drill. It’s important to have the right tools for the job. A good drill should be user-friendly. Depending on the model, you may need to use a hammer to secure the panels to the mounting brackets. In addition to the drill, you’ll need to buy concrete to ensure the system’s stability.

The Benefits of 4D Number Plates

There are several benefits of 4D Number Plates. You can get one that vibrates, if you wish. The number plates also change colors when exposed to the sun. These new plates have caught on quickly, so it’s important to find out more about them before you buy one. Listed below are some of the advantages of having a 4D number plate on your car. Using a 4D number plate can help you make your car stand out in the crowd.

Number Plate Maker

The number plate itself is durable. It is made of glossy acrylic that is UV-resistant, making it virtually indestructible. Its design and material are also resistant to the elements, so you can be sure your vehicle will always look good. You will have a lot of fun with your new number plate when you drive around in it. You’ll be the envy of the road! But don’t worry. There’s an alternative to 4D number plates – you don’t have to live without one.

great post to read

When it comes to the design, you can choose between 4D and 3D number plates. These plates have raised letters and numbers, and are made of a special reflective material. You can even get them with a two-tone effect, but it will be illegal after September 2021. If you’re looking for a way to make your car look cool, you might want to consider buying a 4D number plate.

A 4D number plate will stand out more from the crowd. They are made of acrylic and feature laser-cut letters and numbers. The raised letters and numbers will stand out more, allowing you to get noticed while driving around town. In addition, these plates will make your vehicle more stylish and unique. And of course, they’ll be more durable than a 3D plate! The only downside to 4D number plates is the additional cost.

A 4D number plate is much more attractive than a 3D version. It’s hard to miss a 4D number plate when you drive past it! This type of plate can be easily read and seen from any angle. Unlike the 3D variety, a custom-made 4-D number plate will not vibrate, and the design will be much more attractive as well. The same is true for a 3D number plate.

The style of a 4D number plate is very different from that of a 3D number plate. The letters are made of a domed resin. A 4D plate will be a better-looking and more interesting vehicle. It will be more appealing than a 3D one. It will stand out from the crowd and get noticed. The letters on a 4D plate will make your car stand out in a crowd.

Unlike 3D number plates, the 4D version features a black font and raised numbers. The letters are also black and backed with a white colour. However, it is important to note that the lettering on the 4D plate meets DVLA standards. It is safe for the environment, and the DVLA requires that it meet the standards for the font used for number plates. These plates are also UV-resistant, and will protect your car from UV rays.

The 4D number plate is the older brother of a 3D gel plate. They are made with laser cut acrylic letters and raised gel characters. The characters are usually backed with a different colour to make them look stylish. Some innovative 4D number plates have extra gloss and frosting to add a little extra character to the front of your car. If you’re looking for a 4D number plate, you can now make a statement with the style you want.

DVLA standards for number plates are very high. A 4D number plate can look more unique and attractive than a regular 3D one. Its design is also more durable than a 3D plate. Unlike 3D plates, a quality, 4D plate will last for many years. It will last a longer time than a 3D plate. The quality of the 4D plate will be more apparent when viewed with the naked eye than in the rear view mirror. Login funktioniert nicht – was ist zu tun? (WEB.DE Freemail) bietet IMAP-Zugang zu Ihrem (WEB.DE Freemail) Konto, so dass Sie von mobilen Geräten und Desktop-E-Mail-Clients auf Ihre E-Mails zugreifen können.

Der Login von funktioniert nicht, das kann verschiedene Ursachen haben. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie Sie das Problem lösen können. funktioniert nicht – Problemanalyse

Verweigert den Login aus technischen oder nicht genannten Gründen, ist die Ursache des Problems meist selbst. Mehr dazu lesen Sie im nächsten Abschnitt. Der Login funktioniert auch nicht, wenn Sie Ihr Passwort falsch eingeben. Auch wenn Sie sicher sind, dass Sie das richtige Passwort eingegeben haben, oder Sie es als Cookie gespeichert haben, sollten Sie diese Möglichkeit in Betracht ziehen. Wie Sie Ihr ohne Login erstellen, zeigen wir Ihnen in diesem Praxistipp. Haben Sie sich richtig eingeloggt? Alle Infos zum Login haben wir Ihnen hier zusammengefasst.

Login in Ihr Email-Konto bei funktioniert nicht

Browserwechsel: es liegt ein Fehler im Zwischenspeicher des Browsers vor, einfach einen anderen verwenden. In manchen Fällen kann das das Problem schon lösen. Cache löschen: Das Problem liegt nicht bei, sondern Sie sollten den Browser-Cache löschen. Hier sammeln sich mit der Zeit kleine Fehler an. In den folgenden Praxistipps finden Sie Anleitungen für jeden Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer. Problem: In manchen Fällen ist Schuld an dem Problem. Erkennt die Probleme, werden diese auf der angezeigt. Schneller erfahren Sie von Ereignissen auf der Website AlleStö Erreicht der Graph 50 bis 100 Punkte, müssen Sie von einer weitreichenden Störung ausgehen.

Tabellen in Excel mit Power Query zusammenführen

Mit Power Query ist die Arbeit mit Daten, die über Arbeitsblätter oder sogar Arbeitsmappen verstreut sind, einfacher geworden.

Power Query kann Ihnen unter anderem viel Zeit ersparen, wenn Sie Tabellen mit unterschiedlichen Größen und Spalten auf der Grundlage einer übereinstimmenden Spalte zusammenführen müssen.

Im folgenden Video zeige ich genau, wie man Tabellen in Excel mit Power Query zusammenführt.

Für den Fall, dass Sie lieber einen Text lesen als ein Video ansehen, finden Sie hier die schriftliche Anleitung.

Diese Tabelle enthält die Daten, die ich verwenden möchte, aber es fehlen noch zwei wichtige Spalten – die „Produkt-ID“ und die „Region“, in der der Vertriebsmitarbeiter tätig ist.

Diese Informationen werden als separate Tabellen bereitgestellt, wie unten gezeigt:

Um all diese Informationen in eine einzige Tabelle zu bekommen, müssen Sie diese drei Tabellen zusammenführen, damit Sie dann eine Pivot-Tabelle erstellen und sie analysieren oder für andere Berichts-/Dashboarding-Zwecke verwenden können.

Und mit Zusammenführen meine ich nicht einfaches Kopieren und Einfügen.

Sie müssen die relevanten Datensätze aus Tabelle 1 den Daten aus Tabelle 2 und 3 zuordnen.

Dazu können Sie sich auf VLOOKUP oder INDEX/MATCH verlassen.

Wenn Sie ein VBA-Experte sind, können Sie auch einen Code schreiben, um dies zu tun.

Aber diese Optionen sind zeitaufwändig und kompliziert im Vergleich zu Power Query.

In diesem Tutorial zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie diese drei Excel-Tabellen zu einer einzigen zusammenführen können.

Damit diese Technik funktioniert, müssen Sie Verbindungsspalten haben. In Tabelle 1 und Tabelle 2 ist die gemeinsame Spalte beispielsweise „Artikel“, und in Tabelle 1 und Tabelle 3 ist die gemeinsame Spalte „Vertriebsmitarbeiter“. Beachten Sie auch, dass sich diese Verbindungsspalten nicht wiederholen sollten.
Hinweis: Power Query kann in Excel 2010 und 2013 als Add-In verwendet werden und ist ab Excel 2016 eine integrierte Funktion. Je nach Ihrer Version können einige Bilder anders aussehen (die in diesem Tutorial verwendeten Bilder stammen aus Excel 2016).

Tabellen mit Power Query zusammenführen

Ich habe diese Tabellen wie unten gezeigt benannt:

Tabelle 1 – Sales_Data
Tabelle 2 – Pdt_Id
Tabelle 3 – Region
Es ist nicht zwingend erforderlich, diese Tabellen umzubenennen, aber es ist besser, Namen zu vergeben, die beschreiben, worum es in der Tabelle geht.

Sie können in Power Query nur zwei Tabellen auf einmal zusammenführen.

Wir müssen also zuerst Tabelle 1 und Tabelle 2 zusammenführen und im nächsten Schritt Tabelle 3.

Zusammenführen von Tabelle 1 und Tabelle 2

Um Tabellen zusammenzuführen, müssen Sie diese Tabellen zunächst in Power Query in Verbindungen umwandeln. Sobald Sie die Verbindungen haben, können Sie diese leicht zusammenführen.

Hier sind die Schritte zum Speichern einer Excel-Tabelle als Verbindung in Power Query:

Wählen Sie eine beliebige Zelle in der Tabelle Sales_Data aus.
Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte Daten.Tabellen mit Power Query zusammenführen – Registerkarte Daten
Klicken Sie in der Gruppe Abrufen & Transformieren auf „Aus Tabelle/Bereich“. Dadurch wird der Abfrage-Editor geöffnet.Tabellen mit Power Query zusammenführen – von Tabellenbereich
Klicken Sie im Abfrage-Editor auf die Registerkarte „Datei“.Tabellen zusammenführen mit Power Query – Registerkarte „Datei“ im Abfrage-Editor
Klicken Sie auf die Option „Schließen und Laden nach“.Tabellen zusammenführen mit Power Query – Schließen und Laden nach
Wählen Sie im Dialogfeld „Daten importieren“ die Option „Nur Verbindung erstellen“.Tabellen mit Power Query zusammenführen – nur Verbindung erstellen
Klicken Sie auf OK.
Die obigen Schritte würden eine Verbindung mit dem Namen Sales_Data (oder einem beliebigen Namen, den Sie der Excel-Tabelle gegeben haben) erstellen.

Wiederholen Sie die obigen Schritte für Tabelle 2 und Tabelle 3.

Wenn Sie fertig sind, haben Sie drei Verbindungen (mit den Namen Sales_Data, Pdt_Id und Region).

Zusammenführen von Tabellenspalten in Excel mit Power Query – drei Abfragen

Sehen wir uns nun an, wie Sie die Tabellen Sales_Data und Pdt_Id zusammenführen.

Klicken Sie auf die Registerkarte Daten – Tabellen zusammenführen mit Power Query – Registerkarte Daten
Klicken Sie in der Gruppe Get & Transform Data auf Get Data.
Klicken Sie in der Dropdown-Liste auf Abfragen zusammenführen.
Klicken Sie auf Zusammenführen. Dies öffnet das Dialogfeld Zusammenführen.Tabellen mithilfe von Power Query zusammenführen – Abfragen kombinieren – Optionen zum Zusammenführen von Abfragen
Wählen Sie im Dialogfeld „Zusammenführen“ die Option „Sales_Data“ aus der ersten Dropdown-Liste aus.Select Sales Data in the Merge Dialog box
Wählen Sie „Pdt_Id“ aus der zweiten Dropdown-Liste und wählen Sie „Product Id“ im Dialogfeld „Zusammenführen“.
Klicken Sie in der Vorschau „Sales_Data“ auf die Spalte „Item“. Auf diese Weise wird die gesamte Spalte ausgewählt.
Klicken Sie in der Vorschau von „Pdt_Id“ auf die Spalte „Artikel“. Dadurch wird die gesamte Spalte ausgewählt. Gemeinsame Spalten auswählen – Tabellen in Excel zusammenführen
Wählen Sie in der Dropdown-Liste „Art der Verknüpfung“ die Option „Left Outer (all from first, matching from second)“.Tabellen in Excel mit Power Query Join zusammenführen
Klicken Sie auf OK.
Die obigen Schritte öffnen den Abfrage-Editor und zeigen Ihnen die Daten aus Sales_Data mit einer zusätzlichen Spalte (der Pdt_Id).

Because decentralized finance cannot be invented: crypto professionals have thought of everything

A constellation of opportunities – With the explosion of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols and derivatives are on the rise. An infinity of tools that can be the source of a diversified investment strategy, as our friends in the local Trading love.

To stay active in your long-term investments, “yield farming” and its insane “APY” can make you dream. The offer is plethoric, and the implementation mechanisms are complex, even risky if one ventures there without a minimum of foresight. It is therefore essential to understand all the tricks of the genre, and the Crypto Investor MasterClass was designed with this specific objective in mind.

This article is brought to you in collaboration with Trading du Coin.

The need to understand

The principle is simple : By leveraging smart contracts, some DeFi protocols promise to remunerate you in exchange for the provision of liquidity. In other words, you will be able to lend your Bitcoin News Trader and passively earn interest as a reward. And there is something for everyone!

As a DeFi-doped A booklet might suggest , making a deposit on certain applications, including stablecoins, can be very lucrative. If you are more greedy, there are “vaults”, smart contracts acting like hedge funds to place and move your funds while optimizing your profits .

You can also participate in “liquidity pools” and earn interest on the coins that you make available to traders, interest to which are sometimes even added various tokens, within the framework of promotional offers for example.

Better to be well supported when this exploration can be littered with scams and malicious actors. In order to maximize your chances of success, a team of crypto professionals provides you with a summary of knowledge, available within the now reference training: MCCI (Master Class Crypto Investor).

DeFi, your ruthless universe

At this stage, the MCCI will be of invaluable help to new entrants who wish to rub shoulders with these offers without getting involved. Even if you are already the local expert on cost-benefit calculations, it will take a lot of courage to explore the depths of techno-centric protocols, which sometimes border on obscurity.

For example, to benefit from a realistic and optimal leverage effect using “flash loans” in order to grow your initial contribution multiplied by a factor of 3, and without risking losing everything instantly, it seems at least sensible to arm „a little“ …

Guggenheim: Institutional Demand Not Big Enough at BTC for More than $ 30,000

The investment manager at Guggenheim Scott Minerd has issued another pessimistic forecast for the Bitcoin price in the near future.

Guggenheim’s Scott Minerd has released another dire forecast for Bitcoin. He says there isn’t enough institutional demand to keep the asset above $ 30,000

The investment manager of the financial services firm told Bloomberg Television that the number of institutional investors was not large enough to keep the current prices.

„Right now, there is simply not that much institutional demand to support a rate of $ 35,000 or even $ 30,000. I don’t think the number of investors right now is large or deep enough to support it Worth supporting. “

Minerd added that Bitcoin is still a viable asset class in the long run. Since its all-time high of $ 42,000 on Jan. 8, Bitcoin has fallen 27 percent to its current price of $ 32,000. Three striking lower lows on the chart suggest the downtrend is intensifying.

The Guggenheim manager also believes that this downward pressure could go much further, adding that it is „not uncommon to see such pressure situations“:

„Now that we have all of these retail investors in the market and they’re seeing this kind of momentum, they’re seeing the opportunity to make money. That’s exactly the kind of exuberance you’d expect when you approach a bubble burst. “

On Jan. 20, Minerd told CNBC that he expected the price to decline to $ 20,000. Should that happen, it would mean a correction of more than 50 percent. And that has already happened several times in previous market cycles. The last time BTC fell more than half was in March 2020, when it fell from just over $ 10,000 to below $ 5,000 in just three weeks.

However, Guggenheim hasn’t changed its stance on the long-term outlook for Bitcoin. However , Minerd said in December that the company’s fundamentals showed that Bitcoin could be worth around $ 400,000.

As Bitcoin approaches the psychologically important support level at $ 30,000, the imminent phasing out of $ 4 billion in BTC options could favor the bulls , analysts say.

Ces jetons DeFi affichent des gains à deux chiffres, alors que la croissance de Bitcoin s’accélère

Les jetons DeFi attirent les investisseurs à mesure que le rallye de bitcoin s’estompe et que de nouveaux protocoles sont mis à jour.

Alors que la récente hausse des prix du bitcoin et de l’éther se refroidit, les investisseurs et les négociants s’intéressent de plus près aux jetons alternatifs („altcoins“), en particulier ceux du sous-secteur de la finance décentralisée (DeFi).

Plusieurs jetons DeFi ont enregistré cette semaine des gains à deux chiffres, dont 0x (ZRX), aave (AAVE) et maker (MKR). Les prix des 0x étaient à 0,52 $ au moment de la rédaction du présent rapport, soit une hausse de 20,42 % au cours des dernières 24 heures, selon le CoinDesk 20. Dans le même temps, le prix du fabricant a connu une croissance de près de 160% depuis le début de l’année.

„Je pense que le plus important est que l’élan de bitcoin se refroidisse enfin et donne aux jetons DeFi un peu d’espace pour respirer“, a déclaré Ryan Watkins, analyste de recherche chez Messari, à CoinDesk. „En plus de cela, il y a beaucoup de nouvelles sorties passionnantes chez DeFi ces prochaines semaines, ce qui crée également une dynamique.

0x, une bourse décentralisée basée sur Ethereum, a annoncé son plan de mise à niveau de la version 4 le 7 janvier, ce qui a provoqué un soudain ralliement du jeton ZRX du protocole. La mise à jour comprendra de nouveaux modules personnalisables capables d’exécuter des transactions sans interruption et d’optimiser l’efficacité du gaz.

Le vote pour la mise à jour est prévu pour le 16 janvier.

Les volumes de transactions sur les principales bourses décentralisées ont également connu une croissance rapide au cours du mois dernier, en hausse de 95 %, pour atteindre environ 37,58 milliards de dollars, selon les données de Dune Analytics. Sur la bourse des produits dérivés FTX, les contrats à terme perpétuels de l’indice DeFi se négociaient également à nouveau à un niveau proche de leur record absolu au moment de la mise sous presse.

Contrats à terme perpétuels pour l’indice DeFi sur FTX.

Toutefois, cette fois-ci, il ne s’agit pas de la dernière „alt season“ qui est apparue temporairement après le „bull run“ de bitcoin en 2017 ou du boom „DeFi summer“, qui a été causé par le „battage“ sur les rendements élevés de l’exploitation des liquidités, selon Peter Chan, négociateur principal de la société de crypto trading OneBit Quant. Il a déclaré à CoinDesk qu’il ne voit pas de nouveaux projets passionnants qui attirent des liquidités particulières vers les altcoins.

Au contraire, l’actuelle reprise de la croissance de DeFi amène certains à se demander si DeFi ne va pas devenir quelque chose de beaucoup plus important que les hauts rendements potentiels de ce qu’on appelle „l’agriculture de rendement“.

Pour en savoir plus : Qu’est-ce que l’agriculture de rendement ? Le carburant de la fusée de DeFi, expliqué

Dans un article du Financial Times rédigé par Brian Brooks et publié mardi, le chef intérimaire sortant de l’Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) américain a écrit sur les futures banques „autodidactes“, évoquant la possibilité que le secteur des DeFi soit là pour rester si les réglementations sont capables de rattraper la technologie en plein essor et d’assurer la conformité et la sécurité.

Bien que ces „banques autogérées“ soient nouvelles, elles ne sont pas petites“, a écrit M. Brooks. „Il est probable qu’elles seront généralisées avant que les voitures à conduite automatique ne se mettent à voler.

Watkins a déclaré que „la croissance continue et la maturation de l’infrastructure de la DeFi“ est la prochaine étape pour le secteur de la DeFi, qui implique une augmentation des adoptions de la couche 2, plus de sociétés de protocole à protocole et des projets de DeFi inter-chaîne.

L’amélioration des fondamentaux est généralement une bonne nouvelle pour les jetons DeFi, qui pourraient connaître une croissance continue des prix à long terme, selon M. Watkins.

Los médicos indios advierten contra las vacunas COVID-19 ofrecidas a los VIPs para Bitcoin

  • Los comerciantes negros están ofreciendo vacunas COVID-19 no verificadas a VIPs en la India.
  • Varios médicos advirtieron contra ellas ya que podrían ser insalubres e ilegales.

Una vacuna COVID-19 no verificada está haciendo rondas en el mercado negro, dirigida a pacientes y residentes en la India, aunque el gobierno no ha autorizado la distribución de tales drogas en la nación.

La mayoría de las personas a las que se dirige esta tendencia son de alto perfil y se les pidió que enviaran una cierta cantidad de Bitcoin (BTC) a cambio de la vacuna. Los médicos del país advirtieron contra la compra y el consumo de tales drogas debido a las incertidumbres y las cuestiones de legitimidad.

Las vacunas COVID-19 ofrecidas a VIPs en la India

Según los médicos, la mayoría de los VIPs que ofrecieron las vacunas COVID-19 a cambio de Bitcoin están en el estado de Karnataka, India. Estas vacunas les fueron lanzadas incluso en el mercado negro. Sin embargo, varios doctores en el país han marcado con una bandera roja y han advertido a los residentes de no recibir drogas. Esto se debe a las incertidumbres en cuanto a su marca, fuente, autenticidad, incluyendo el precio.

El presidente de la Asociación de Hospitales Privados y Residencias de Ancianos de la India (Phana), el Dr. HM Prasanna, también confirmó la tendencia, diciendo que se enteró de que se están administrando ciertas vacunas a los residentes para Bitcoin. También condenó el acto, añadiendo que „hay que tener cuidado (en estos casos) y seguir las directrices del gobierno a este respecto“.

Las vacunas siguen siendo ilegales en la India

Mientras tanto, la distribución de las vacunas COVID-19 en el país sigue siendo considerada ilegal, ya que el gobierno no la ha aprobado. Independientemente de si otros países están usando una vacuna en particular para tratar a los pacientes de COVID-19, el uso de esos mismos medicamentos en el país será visto como una ofensa en la India ya que el gobierno no lo ha permitido, explicaron los médicos.

„Los ciudadanos indios deben esperar a que el gobierno despliegue el producto a través del Controlador General de Drogas de la India“.

Los médicos también pidieron al gobierno que rastree estas vacunas ofrecidas a los residentes por los comerciantes negros.